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Susumo Engineering at Vasai,Mumbai, Handling of Sand, Grit, Metal, Debris, Loading of Concrete Mixer, Dumper, Tractor Trolleys, Dozing/Levelling of Ground, Roads etc, Handling of Snow & Light sand, Fork Lift, Pallet Lifting, Waste/Debris Collection Bin, Excavating, Digging, Trenching, PipeLaying, Drilling In Ground For Poles, Fences & Plants, Crane, Lifting of Heavy Parts, Breaker For Rocks, Concrete etc, Cutting Weeds/Lawn,Cultivating, Tilling, Ploughing, Sweeping of Roads, Trailer Towing, Towing Truck, Tunneiling Machine
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      Tunnel Excavator
    Tunnel Excavator
    Tractor Loading Machine
      Tunnel Excavator
    Mucking Machine
  • Tractor Loading Machine

  • Motive Power 2 HP, Single Phase Motor.  
    Bucket Capacity 500 kgs.
    The entry level machine is a Bucket which loads Tractor Trolleys. The muck as to be scrapped onto the bucket manually. When it reaches a max capacity of 500kgs the bucket is raised hydraulically. The whole load of muck is thus transported directly to the centre of the Tractor Trolley. This machine is self-propelled and works on Single Phase Electric supply. It mainly eliminates the lifting of muck by labour. It involves the least of Hydraulics and is hence easy to operate & maintain
    Maximum Allowable Width of Trolley 1600mm.
    Maximum Allowable Height of Trolley 1500mm.
    Max Speed 1.5kmph in Forward or Reverse.
    Suitable to Work in Tunnels of 2 mt to 2.5mt Dia.
  • Tunnel Excavator

  • Engine 20 HP, Mahindra & Mahindra.  
    Drive Hydraulic 4 Wheel Drive by Chain.
    This is an Excavator mounted on Tyres. The Excavating Arm is specially designed. It has a long reach and can turn 360 degrees in very small micro-Tunnels also. All its wheels are Hydraulically driven hence it can take gradients. Being on tyres it travels faster than Track-Mounted Excavators. It can pick-up muck from the front, turn 180degs and unload it onto Trolleys or dumpers etc.
    Steering Skid Steer.
    Cabin Rotation 360 Degrees
    Arm Reach 4000mm.
    Min Width Required For Rotation 2500mm.
    Min Ht Required
    2400mm.{without Canopy}
    Bucket Volume 40 Lits/ 0.04
  • Mucking Machin

  • Engine Power 36HP, Simpson 3 Cylinder.  
    4 Wheels Hydraulically Driven.
    It consists of an Excavating Arm and a conveyor. The Arm scrapes the muck onto the Conveyor. The conveyor carries the muck to a ht of 2.25 mt. Dumpers have to reverse and stand under the conveyor to collect the falling muck. The whole machine is self-propelled. All four wheels have independent power and all of them can be steered. This helps in taking gradients, uneven terrains & turning in small spaces.
    4 Wheels Hydraulic Steering.
    Max Speed 3kmph.
    Max. Reach 4200 mm from Arm Pivot Center.
    Estimated Output 20
    Max Rock size 300mm cube.
    Tyres 12-16.5 Skid Steer Type.
    Bucket Volume 0.04 & 0.06 Cu.mts.
    Quick-Change Arrangement for Excavating Bucket.
    Optional Attachments:- Breaker, Ripper, Milling Cutter etc.