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Attachment LOADER - building

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    8. Digger 140   9. Backhoe 205 and 250
    Digging depth
    1400 mm
    Loading height
    2500 mm
    Bucket volume
    40 l
    Bucket width.
    200 / 400 mm
    100 kg
    280 / 400 kg
    140 o / 180 o
    Dig depth
    2050 / 2500 mm
    Loading height
    2000 mm
    Bucket width
    250 mm
    400 mm / 700 mm
    handlingKID Digger 140 is a very efficient and inexpensive solution for small digging operations, designed for articulated.
    KID loaders. It is easy to mount on the unit and can handle many digging jobs where bigger backhoes are not necessary..
    bucketsKID backhoes are very compact and amazingly powerful digging units. They are very quick and easy to mount on the loader ( takes only a couple of minutes ), and then you have a unit that can work efficiently even in very tight situations. Low weight allows transportation on trailer.
    10. Trencher   11. Auger 
    Digging depth
    max. 900 mm (1200 mm)
    Trench width
    100 - 300 mm
    100 kg
    Auger diameters
    150-750 mm
    handlingWith trencher you can easily dig narrow trenches without damaging lawn and garden this trencher is ideal for smaller cable or pipe laying. Digging depth is max. 900 mm, digging width normally 100 mm or 150 mm, depending on chain type. Planetary drive with hydraulic motor guarantee efficient and trouble free operation. Three different types of chains available : standard earth chain, frost chain and heavy duty chain with tungsten teeth.!.
    bucketsPowerful hydraulic auger with many different auger diameters to suit various tasks, be it post hole boring, tree transplanting etc. Planetary drive gives a lot of torque, replaceable teeth (tungsten teeth as option) and pilot head enable drilling in hard ground and sandstone also. Options : extensions shaft, conical tree augers, different types of teeth.
    12. Hydraulic breaker   13. JIB Crane 
    handlingKID does not manufacture hydraulic breakers, but can supply brackets and hydraulics for different breakers. KID loader with breaker is an extremely efficient tool in demolition and refurbishing operations; do the demolition with KID and breaker, take the debris away with KID and bucket - very fast and effective, and you can go almost anywhere with this unit.
    25 kg
    Boom length
    1030 mm
    bucketsKID jib crane is a simple and ingenious attachment : lifting and moving heavier loads in tight situations are not a problem any more when you have this jib crane on your KID !.