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    25. Lawn mower   26. Flail mower
    Cut Width
    1200 mm
    Cut Height
    n. 30 - 100 mm
    1295 mm
    160 kg
    210 kg
    Cutting Width
    1000 mm
    Adjustable Cutting height
    handlingKID lawn mower is a hydraulic mower deck destined for 500 series articulated kid models. Ideally suited for an KID with telescopic boom, where the mower can be moved further away from the loader. Thanks to the floating design and big rubber support wheels operation is easy in uneven terrain as well. Grass ejection to the right or under.
    bucketsKID flail mower is the right attachment for situations where a normal lawn mower cannot be used and where the cut can be more rough. Cuts efficiently long grass and small scrub and is therefore an ideal tool for road bank mowing and similar jobs. Can be equipped with an extension arm for side mount.
    27. Ripper   28. Rotary Hoe 
    500 mm
    Ripping depth
    200 mm
    50 kg
    Working depth
    150 mm
    Working width
    1000 mm
    handlingA simple and inexpensive but incredibly useful and efficient attachment for leveling and planning of larger areas. With kid leveler you can easily and quickly level sand, mulch etc.
    bucketsKID rotary hoe is designed for heavy use, equipped with hydraulic motor and chain drive. Adjustable cultivating depth upto 150 mm - ideal for fine preparation of garden beds, seedbeds, rotovating etc. Destined for KID loaders with min. 20 hp engine.
    29. Leveler   30. Wood chipper 
    1200 mm
    100 Kg.
    Timber diameter
    100 mm
    Chip length
    n. 13 mm
    Engine output min.
    20 hv
    300 kg
    handlingA basic silage fork equipped with a hydraulic cylinder on the upper grapple part. This versatile tool can be used as well on silage distribution as on demanuring, moving and lifting of various materials. Total width either 790 mm or 900 mm - This allows going through narrow door ways and working in tight situations.
    bucketsWith the hydraulic KID wood chipper you can quickly chip branches, small tree trunks, logging waste, sawmill residue etc. This powerful double-knife disc Chipper can be mounted on both skid steer and articulated kid loaders with min. 20 hp engine. Wood feeding is manual, chips can be directed through 360 degrees by turning the himney. These are the just some of the attachments designed for KID loaders. Pl. contact us or your local dealer for more information.